SAMA Karate


About The Classes

Karate is a traditional Japanese Martial Art that requires discipline in mind and body, for ages 4 and over. SAMA specialises in teaching before-school as well as after-school Karate, with classes also available in the evenings and at weekends. We run Karate in Portsmouth, Southsea & Gosport.


Beginners are always welcome to try Karate at any class, although some restrictions may apply, such as a small waiting list, so be sure to check with us using the contact form and we will endeavour to find a perfect class for you.


When students decide they are happy to continue their Karate training,  a yearly membership fee of £20 applies (£30 for adults). The student will also need a white martial arts suit or 'Gi'. SAMA supply a good quality suit with a white belt for around £22, but students are welcome to buy elsewhere. Where possible, avoid Judo Gi's as they have a different look and feel to other Martial Arts suits.


There is always a warm-up at the start of the class, which is followed by Kihon for the remainder of the first half of the class. This is the practicing of single and combination moves up and down the dojo (often called the 'ups and downs').


The second half of the class will normally begin with Kata. A Kata is a series of moves which a student must learn as part of their grading and is different for each grade. The first Kata a student must learn is a sequence of about 10 moves. Katas increase in length and difficulty for each belt. High grade belts also need to perform multiple Katas for their grading.


After Kata practice students may sometimes practice techniques under supervision on focus mitts or a kickshield. High grades work with Karate weapons under strict supervision as they prepare for weapons Katas.


For Kids Only

As kids learn parts of the syllabus for their grade, they are rewarded with stripes on their belt. Three black stripes indicates that a student knows their syllabus and is ready to grade. This becomes a very visible indication of a student's progress and encourages the kids to maintain their training, concentrate on learning and that they are recognised for good behaviour in class.