SAMA Kickboxing


About The Classes

We run Kickboxing classes in both Portsmouth and Gosport. A great way to improve fitness, lose weight, tone up and burn calories. Our American Kickboxing Academy is for adults and youths and is all taught in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with energising music. Learn the skills of boxing with additional kicks through a progressive colour belt system similar to that of Karate. The classes include stamina training exercises and tummy toning - popular with mums and dads. Kickboxing runs in the evenings only.


Classes have a very relaxed atmosphere. The warm-up is a combination of skipping and stretching and Kickboxers should try and skip continuously in any style in order to gently warm the muscles. Students who are unable to skip can try alternative warm-up exercises.


After the warm-up, students pair up and work alternately on their syllabus combinations. Initially, students should try and pair with someone of equal experience, size and strength to build confidence and to prevent injury whilst learning the basics. This is why students are advised to bring a friend when trying out. However, training with a variety of opponents, especially higher grades should be considered as they will help with your technique and ability.


Students work with either focus mitts or Thai pads for punch combinations and precision kicking, or kick shields for power kicks. Holding for someone is excellent resistance training. Focus is on good form and technique as students work on the fundamental punches and kicks, adding more mobility as students work through the early grades.


Towards the final stages of the lesson, students engage in shadow-boxing, where they can practice their techniques and combinations with more fluidity. As students gain confidence and progress through the syllabus, they can participate in NON-CONTACT sparring, where they can experiment with their techniques against a live opponent, with each student taking it in turns to focus on whereabouts to strike - and how to avoid attack. Shadow also teaches students the required footwork. This enables the student to link punch and kick techniques together, working on their mobility and distance awareness.


Classes finish with stamina sessions with a broad variety of exercises and some specialist exercises to target specific muscle groups arranged in 1-2 minute rounds.


How Students Progress

We have applied a structured approach to Kickboxing and use a belt grading system similar to Karate to ensure students learn techniques progressively and with adequate practice before attempting a grading.


Gradings occur every couple of months to start with and follow a similar format to classes. As the grading progresses, each grade finishes in turn until only the highest grade remains. There is a strong emphasis on endurance, and stamina sessions for higher grades will last for long periods.